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ClipOn filter press cloth is of premium grade and can be tailor made to meet the production environment of our clients. The types of filter cloth include spun, microfilament, multifilament, needle, felt and combinations. The types of fibers include polyester, polypropylene and nylon.

Filter Press Cloth details

  • Technical
  • Application
  • Standards
    • Premium Grade Filter Cloths that are made in bespoke sizes to meet the production requirement
    • It comes in Spun, Microelement, Multifilament, Needle-Felt and comninations
    • Fibres included Polyester, Polypropylene & Nylon
    • Reinforcements is provided with Velcro arrangement for strength and durability
    • Moisture Control in applications with desired levels
    • Recessed Filter Plate comes with a concave depression on one side. Each has a hole in the centre and multiple holes in the corners. The central hole is used to channel the slurry into the filter press cloth
    • The Recessed Chamber is opened to collect the filter cake.
  • -Mining
    -Power Generation

  • Strict ClipOn Quality Practices.
    As per Industry ISO Norms
    As per EN & DIN Standards

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