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ClipOn offers high quality fluidising fabrics that allow for efficient handling of bulk dry powders. These cloths function by allowing air to permeate through the bottom of the fabric allowing the powders to be conveyed in a near fluid-like state, the engineering behind these fluidising fabrics makes them ideal for use in powder processing industries. The pores at the bottom are so minute that the conveyed powder will not infiltrate into the fabric reducing wastage and wear.


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  • Technical
  • Application
  • Standards
    • Used in efficient handling of bulk dry powders
    • Cloths function by allowing air to permeate through the bottom of the fabric allowing the powders to be conveyed in a near fluid like state
    • The pores of the fabric are so minute that the conveyed powder does not infiltrate the fabric reducing the wastage and wear.
    • Comes in Spun and Filament Media
    • Thickness can range from 3.5mm to 12.5mm
    • Widths in the range from 100mm – 2000mm
    • Fibres used are Polyester, Aramid
    • Various Finishes are applied for strength and better conveying
    • Suited for High Temperature Applications
  • -Ash

  • Strict ClipOn Quality Practices.
    As per Industry ISO Norms
    As per EN & DIN Standards

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