Reasons to work with us

This is the start of your new career with ClipOn. There are so many reasons why you should work in the conveyor belt and dust filtration manufacturing industry. But for now, let’s focus on the six core reasons to work with us …

Strong ClipOn values

Where we care about not only the company progress but also be cognizant of individual goals and aspirations.

New and cutting edge technology

We aim to integrate new and cutting edge technology in the present scenario, gives a real sense of gradation and a cushion to stay a step ahead.

Flexibility and freedom

We offer great flexibility and freedom to work. You are not required to put 8 man-hours a day in if 4 quality hours can get the job done.


Being the only branded company in the region.


Having the independence and ownership of the work, puts you in the driver's seat.


We are a top growing company in the sector.

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