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Panel filters are ideal for use in the food processsing industries, manufacturing plants and
clean room centers, they comply with multiple international standards

Panel Filter details

  • Technical
  • Application
  • Standards
    • G1,G2,G3 & G4 Class Filters are for course dust particles >10 µm – Simple Applications
    • M5,M6, for particle sizes 1 µm -10 µm – With emphasis on pre filter applications
    • F7,F8,F9 for particle sizes 1 µm -10 µm – Final Filters for Air Conditioning of Offices, Production Plants, Hospotals and Pre Filters for E11 to H13 Filters. Efficiency> 95%
    • E10,E11,E12 for particle sizes <1µm – Final Filters for rooms with high purification standards/Pharmaceutical Lines and clean rooms Classes 100,000 or 10,000. Efficiency >99.5%

    H13 for particles <1µm.  Final Filters for High Clean Rooms. Exhaust Filters in Nuclear Plants. For Clean Rooms 10,000 or 100. Efficiency >99.95%

    • U15,U16 – For ultrafine particles used in clean rooms Classes 10 or 1. Efficiency >99.9995%
    • Filters come in proper support structure in various shapes and sizes.
    • Custom Sizes can be made as per size and application.
  • Food Industry
    Manufacturing Plants
    Clean Room Centers

  • EN 779:2002
    EN 779:2012
    EN 1822:2009
    ISO 29463:2011
    ASHRAE 52.2

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