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ClipOn filter bags are not only durable but can withstand various production environments such as spiked thermal environments; extended PTFE for instance has higher tensile strength,, can be used for various dust particles such as abrasive, oily, moist, fiber glass, filter bags can withstand temperatures of up to 260*C without disintegrating. PPS filter bags are acid resistant and can still maintain structural.

Dust Collector Filter details

  • Technical
  • Application
  • Standards
  • Filter Bags

    • Versatile, Durable and Efficient.
    • Composed of resilient engineered microfibers for 99.9% filtration efficiency.
    • Filtration Media of Acrylic, Aramid, Glassfiber, Polyester, Polypropylene, PTFE,  P84, Ryton to name a few.
    • We can cater to any dust concentration, flue gas emissions, high temperature range high differential pressure or any technical concerns that can provide efficient cleaning.
    • Our Finishes include Egg-Shell Finish, Tricomponent ( Silicone/Graphite/e-PTFE), Acid Resistant, Singed, Glazed, Oleophobic, Fire Retardant, Hydrophobic and PTFE Membrane.
    • Types of Bags – Cylindrical Filter Bag/ Cassette or Enveloper Filter/ Star Bags/ Multi-Channel Bags and for high speed RABH Filter Bags.
    • RABH Bags –  ClipOn bag houses can be used in reverse airflow systems with excellent results. Our bag houses are designed with specific coupling mechanisms and are quality certified to guarantee excellent output. The baghouses are stocked with all the necessary accessories; filter bags, J-hooks, D-Caps, Spring assemblies and SS clamps.

    Filter Cages

    • Automated Machines can render any construction of the filter cage that provides strong support in the Dust Collector Filter Bag System. It comes in various shapes, sizes, materials and finishes.
    • Some of common materials in use are Low Carbon Steel, Galvanized Iron, SS 304/316 with multiple lock and grip system.
    • Rounded Edges that prevent abrasions, top and bottom pans are made of sturdy steel, welding is professionally done from the insides of the cage and marks are invisible and finally polished to prevent sharp edges from damaging the filter bags.
  • Mineral Industries
    Metal Industries
    Chemical Industries
    Food and Beverage Industries
    Pharmaceutical Industries
    Fertilizer Industries
    Seed Industries

  • Stringent Emission Norms.
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Cartridge Filters

ClipOn cartridge filters are pleated, ie designed with unique criss-crossing patterns to maximise surface-use area. This type of cartridge is essential in circumstances where production volumes are very high but a high grade filtration is stil desired.

Cotton Conveyor Canvas Belt

ClipOn canvas belts are commonly used in the food industry, the belts are composed of cotton and yarn, cotton-based conveyor belts have been shown to help in keeping biscuit dough away from mechanical rollers making them perfect for food processing companies. The ClipOn belts are joined end to end seamlessly; this makes them more durable and effective in industrial pulley systems. The ClipOn cotton canvas belts are of key importance to clients in the food and seed manufacturing sector.

Filter Press Cloth

ClipOn filter press cloth is of premiun grade and can be tailor made to meet the production environment of our clients. The types of filter cloth include spun, microfilament, multifilament, needle, felt and combinations. The types of fibers include poyester, polypropyleneand nylon.

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