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ClipOn is a brand that has shown it’s will for excellence by meeting global set standards in the filtration and processing industry. It has been recognized by the NAFA and the ASHRAE.

As part of it’s product catalogue ClipOn features state-of-the-art filtration devices such as filter filtration cartridges, filter media bags, panel filters, pocket filters, filter cages, and top class filter media finishes such as Silicon, Graphite, e-PTFE, Singed, Glazed, Oleophobic, Hydrophobic, Tri-component etc.

In addition to offering superior filtration products and expertise the ClipOn management and workforce are committed to combating climate change through reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by industries, and challenging the most abrasive and high temperature dusts management.

We offer conveying of particles and products of various sizes as part of our efficient driven program.

About ClipOn

Products and Solutions

Cotton Conveyor Canvas Belt

ClipOn canvas belts are commonly used in the food industry, the belts are composed of cotton and yarn, cotton-based conveyor belts have been shown to help in keeping biscuit dough away from mechanical rollers making them perfect for food processing companies. The ClipOn belts are joined end to end seamlessly; this makes them more durable and effective in industrial pulley systems. The ClipOn cotton canvas belts are of key importance to clients in the food and seed manufacturing sector.

Dust Collector Filter Bags & Cages

ClipOn filter bags are not only durable but can withstand various production environments such as spiked thermal environments; extended PTFE for instance has higher tensile strength,, can be used for various dust particles such as abrasive, oily, moist, fiber glass, filter bags can withstand temperatures of up to 260*C without disintegrating. PPS filter bags are acid resistant and can still maintain structural

Filter Press Cloth

ClipOn filter press cloth is of premiun grade and can be tailor made to meet the production environment of our clients. The types of filter cloth include spun, microfilament, multifilament, needle, felt and combinations. The types of fibers include poyester, polypropyleneand nylon.

Fluidisings Fabrics

Clipon offers high quality fluidising fabrics that allow for efficient handling of bulk dry powders. These cloths function by allowing air to permeate through the bottom of the fabric allowing the powders to be conveyed in a near fluid-like state, the engineerring behind these fluidising fabrics makes them ideal for use in powder processing industries. The pores at the bottom are so minute that the conveyed powder will not infiltrate into the fabric reducing wastage and wear.

Panel Filter

Panel filters are ideal for use in the food processsing industries, manufacturing plants and clean room centers, they comply with multiple international standards

Cartridge Filters

ClipOn cartridge filters are pleated, ie designed with unique criss-crossing patterns to maximise surface-use area. This type of cartridge is essential in circumstances where production volumes are very high but a high grade filtration is stil desired.

Air Pollution Control with Flue Gas Management

ClipOn offers immense benefits to companies planning to reduce particulate and gaseous emissions associated with industrial production. Climate change has prompted the manufacturing sector to seek more eco-friendly production methods and waste disposal techniques. ClipOn ensures companies processing steel, cement, aluminium, copper and other materials are able to achieve global emission norms and standards.

Industries we serve

Steel works and Foundries

In steel mills and foundries, the generation of particulate takes place in different stages of the process. Specific processes during the making is considered throughout

Aluminum and Alumina

The aluminum and alumina industry includes different process stages in which filtration plays an essential role. Special emphasis is laid on the effluent treatment center


The production of bituminous conglomerates involves rigorous exhaust gas treatment processes in the plants in a significant way that help in abatement of pollutants

Cement and lime

Cement and lime production industries require specific solutions for the abatement of particulates and in the treatment of powders throughout the production process

Energy and waste to energy

In plants for the production of electrical energy by combustion, filtration steps on the gaseous effluents are essential to ensure the neutralization of pollutants

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What client say about collaboration with us

Saludos to the ClipOn members to provide us with the Conveyor Belts. They are sturdy and the elongation / shrinkage are under controls.

— Mr Alejandro

I love how my calls at odd hours were attended due to varying time zone and am quite content with their response. We look forward to working with your team again

— Mr Srinivasan

We are delighted with their fabric performance. Our Emission Controls are under 10 and the Filters Require low maintenance schedule.

— Mr Ojha


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