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ClipOn canvas belts are commonly used in the food industry, the belts are composed of cotton and yarn, cotton-based conveyor belts have been shown to help in keeping biscuit dough away from mechanical rollers making them perfect for food processing companies. The ClipOn belts are joined end to end seamlessly; this makes them more durable and effective in industrial pulley systems. The ClipOn cotton canvas belts are of key importance to clients in the food and seed manufacturing sector.

Cotton Conveyor Belts

Cotton Conveyor Canvas details

  • Technical
  • Application
  • Standards
    • Our Belts are food grade as per US FDA standards.
    • Made from Cotton and Cotton/Synthetic Blends.
    • It has helped to show in keeping biscuit dough away from mechanical rollers making them perfect for food processing.
    • Endless Belts are joined end to end seamlessly making them more durable and effective in the industrial pulley system
    • Yarns used are of High grade with high tensile strength and temperature resistance which prevents elongation and shrinkage.
    • Comes in thickness from 1.5mm – 6.5mm
    • Widths in the range from 100mm – 2000mm
  • Food and Beverage Industries
    Seed Industries

  • US FDA 141 Food Standards
    EU Food Standards

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