What Industries Use Conveyor Belt Systems?

Conveyor belt systems are used all over the world. Different conveyor belt types are used depending on the industry they’re used. Each belt type may also use various types of material depending on the belt’s functional requirements. Conveyor belts are manufactured mainly in India and sourced to factories and manufactural units globally, with main uses in China and Africa. This is due to where the mass productions of products take place.

Biscuit conveyor belts, for example, may be manufactured on-site in, say, the UK. Still, the rotary moulder conveyor belt may have been manufactured by an Indian conveyor belting manufacturing company.

Industries that Use Conveyor Belts

Mining Industries

Mining industries benefit from using conveyor belt systems to improve the efficiency and long-term performance of mining materials.

Depending on the specific mining trade, their conveyor belt solution may vary. For example, the mining of bulk powder materials uses pneumatic conveyor systems that use fan-pressured air to lift the bulk power and allow it to pass through the conveyor system in a fluid, liquid-like motion

This system uses an air slide conveyor belt made from cotton and nylon to help transport the mined materials from one area to another.

Chain-link conveyor belt systems are used for heavier, larger materials due to the stronger iron. Using metal allows the transportation of heavier stone or wood chips to their destination.

Biscuit Manufacturing

In 2018 £3bn worth of biscuits were sold in the UK alone – clearly, there’s a market for it. Therefore, biscuit production requires constant efficiency monitoring during production. This is where the cotton conveyor belt is used. To decrease labour and streamline production processes/costs, conveyor belts are used at nearly all stages of biscuit production.

However, cotton belting is used for more than just operational efficiency. The rotary moulder conveyor belt,  made from predominantly cotton, safely transports dough pieces between belts and toward the oven for cooking. There is a refined process for this that ensures the dough pieces do not break during this phase.

Goods Handling

Purely for the basis of efficiency, conveyor belt systems are used for transporting goods across a site. This can be from packaging to delivery, speeding up how goods are delivered to the logistical team. In these instances, thermoplastic conveyor belt systems are likely to be used due to their high propensity for strength. These conveyor belts rarely tear and use an easy-to-maintain polymer.

Pharmaceutical Production

Like goods handling, pharmaceutical production and handling require thermoplastic conveyor belting. The properties make for a strong and durable conveyor belt and a system that can perform in harsher conditions. During medical production, temperatures may drop below zero or ramp up beyond heat bearable to human touch. Therefore, plastic belting is needed that can perform under these harsh conditions. This conveyor belt material can repel liquid and is extremely easy to maintain.

Airport Baggage

Airport baggage claims use a rotary conveyor belt system that uses polyester and nylon or rubber to transport passenger luggage from the aircraft to the baggage claim section of the airport. These conveyor belts are robust and highly durable. This is needed due to the constant impact of suitcases hitting the conveyor belt at various angles and forces. Therefore, these materials make for the best conveyor transportation systems for airport baggage claims.

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