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Pneumatic Conveying with Fluidising Fabrics (How it helps fluidising powders).

Pneumatic conveying of bulk solids is a cost-effective method commonly used to handle and transport powdered and granulated materials. This conveying relies on versatile fabrics known as fluidising fabrics to help transport the material from one place to another with improved accuracy, consistency, and speed.

When selecting a fluidising fabric for pneumatic conveying, certain factors, such as air permeability, substrate material, and temperature conditions, should be considered. By making informed decisions based on these factors, pneumatic conveying can provide many benefits, such as higher efficiency, reduced waste, and improved equipment longevity.

 Factors to Consider

When selecting a fluidising fabric for a specific operation, it is important to consider certain factors. Air permeability is one factor that should be taken into account. For example, a higher air permeability can benefit fine-grained materials, while a stronger substrate may be needed for more abrasive materials. Additionally, temperature is a crucial factor to consider. Durable fabrics that can withstand hot or cold temperatures during processing can help improve equipment longevity. It is important to consider all these considerations when deciding on a suitable fabric.


Fluidising fabrics are widely used in pneumatic conveying systems to transport bulk solids. This type of material can offer a number of benefits, including high efficiency and minimal waste production. By making informed decisions regarding the fabric’s air permeability, abrasive material properties and temperature conditions, companies can optimise their bulk solid handling operations for maximum performance.

Fluidising fabrics are used for many applications, such as conveying, filling, weighing and drying. The fabrics are designed to ensure optimal flow of the material, as well as reduce dust and product loss. In addition, they can help to minimise the risk of product contamination and blockage during the conveying process. With proper maintenance, fluidising fabrics can be used to their full potential and maintain the longevity of the equipment.

Maintenance Considerations

When using fluidising fabrics for pneumatic conveying, it is important to maintain them regularly. Depending on the conditions of the environment in which the fabrics will operate, cleaning and inspection should be performed frequently. This will help ensure the fabrics remain in optimal condition and lengthen their lifespan. Regularly replacing worn-out or damaged fabrics can help reduce operational costs and ensure the process runs smoothly. Lastly, careful storage of the fabric and proper installation of new material can help prevent further damage.


Pneumatic conveying using fluidising fabrics can be a highly beneficial option for solid bulk powder handling operations. Choosing the right material for your specific application should include air permeability, abrasive materials, and temperature conditions. Making informed decisions can help optimise pneumatic conveying, increasing efficiency and minimising waste production. Appropriate maintenance practices will also help to ensure the longevity of the equipment and further optimise the performance of the fluidising fabrics. Considering all these factors, pneumatic conveying with fluidising fabrics can be an excellent choice for solid bulk powder handling operations.

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