Filter Cloth Technical Bulletin TB-7723
Choosing the Right Filter Cloth for Your Industrial Application: The effectiveness of filtration greatly depends on the quality and efficiency of the filter cloths used.
Air Slide Technical Bulletin TB-6923
Choosing the Right Air Slide (Fluidising) Fabric for Your Operation Selecting the right air slide fabrics for your operation can be crucial in maintaining productivity...
Cotton Canvas Belts Technical Bulletin TB-6623
Cotton Canvas Belts For Food and Seed Manufacturers: Canvas belts resist damage from chemicals while being easy to clean and maintain.
Filter Bag Technical Bulletin TB-5623
Choosing the Right Filter Bag for Your Industrial Application: A critical decision that can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the process.
Air Slide Product Sheet
ClipOn's air slide fabrics, commonly known as fluidising fabrics, provide superior pneumatic conveying for the transportation of fine dry materials, such as cement and other...
Canvas Belt Canvas Belts Product Sheet
ClipOn canvas belts are an essential component in the food and packaging industry. Composed of cotton and yarn, these cotton-based conveyor belts are incredibly useful...
Filter Bag Filter Bags and Cages Product...
ClipOn offers a range of Non-Woven & Woven Bag Filters to suit any flow rate and dust burden. We use micro fibres in the media...
Cement Plant Case Study CS-062523
The baghouse had been experiencing problems with abrasive dust loading and high temperatures for the past few weeks, and it was starting to affect the...
Cement Plant Technical Bulletin TB-091123
The Importance of Proactive Cement Plant Maintenance: Ensuring Operational Efficiency and Minimising Downtime
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