Pneumatic Conveying System

A Pneumatic Conveying System is a configured closed conveyor systems used in the transportation of heavy duty material. 

A pneumatic conveyor can be either dilute or dense phase depending on the manufacturing requirements you desire.

Both of these conveyor types use wither blow or vacuum conveying to transport the materials. Again, this is a requirement to dependent on the type of pneumatic conveyor needed.

Pneumatic conveyors can be configured between floors to maximize transportation and space.

Image of pneumatic conveyor system in a factory

ClipOn Team offers both dense phase and lean phase conveying system. Under lean we are capable for both positive driven & Vacuum Driven Systems. Be it abrasive, friable, cohesive, adhesive, etc. we can deliver customized systems from capture to delivery.

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Everything You Need to Know About Pneumatic Conveyor Systems

From dense to dilute phase, the components and types of conveying force, learn everything you need to know about the Pneumatic Conveying Systems

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