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About Our Filter Press Cloths

Filter press cloth is the most critical component of the filter press machine. Filter cloth comes in non-gasketed and gasketed which is dependent on the cake release requirements from the cloth. 

Filter cloth comes in both mono-filament and multi-filament yarn threads that are carefully selected by your filtration expert/engineer. There are an array of weaving types to suit the requirement from the dewatering application. These weaves vary from the Leno weave to the twill, satin, basket and plain weaves.

Various Weave Patterns such as plain, twill, satin, leno etc. are within our working parameters that influence the filtration. All our yarn is carefully selected with the incorporation of various finishings that provide surreal filtration on all fronts.


Filter press cloth

Check  Gasketed and non-gasketed cloths for either longer lifespan, or easier to maintain filter cloths.

Check  Easy cake release for maintenance and cleaning.

Check  Multiple weaves allow for varied and bespoke cloth media production.

Check  Standard application for all dewatering processes.

Check  Weave types: Leno, twill, plain, basket and satin weave.

Check  Mono and multi-filament weave yarns for both lightweight and heavier duty dewatering applications.

Check Manufactured to machine diameters by engineers for perfect fit and cake release.

Check All dewatering applications regardless of machine size, filter media type and or weave.

More information on filter applications

Everything You Need to Know About Filter Press Cloth

Understand the usage of filter press cloths in modern dewatering applications. These include weave types, yarn types, and the difference between gasketed and non-gasketed filter cloth.

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