Filter Bag Cages

Superior filter bag cages with versatile use in most industry standard baghouses. Structures designed with either stainless or galvanized steel and an array of join types to ensure all filter cages support both pleated and non-pleated filter bags in the process of dust extraction.

Filter cages are manufactured in top load, star load or bottom load forms, with each wire from the filter bag cage using a ring spacing of 4 to 8 inches and a wire thickness gauge of between 7 to 14 in thickness. Each filter cage can be fitted with a collar or venturis depending on the requirement from the dust filtration system.

As part of the process, a skilled assessor will take your data and business requirements, to provide you with the best dust extraction solution that fits your businesses needs.

Image of top load, collared filter cages used in dust extraction system.
  • CheckLow Carbon Steel
  • CheckGalvanized Steel
  • CheckStainless Steel
  • CheckCold Rolled Steel
  • CheckEpoxy Coated
  • CheckVinyl Coated
  • CheckZinc Coated
  • CheckChrome Plated

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