Filtration Systems

Turnkey filtration systems for Dust Collection, Filtration & Extraction operations. 

Bag House dust collectors are used to trap dust produced inside a manufacturing facility before emitting the extracted air into the atmosphere. This type of dust collector system uses standard filter bags or pleated filter bags as the filtration media to separate dust particles from the air stream.

Dust collectors are seen as flexible extraction solutions and can be used for any size parts or operations which requires the removal of dust particles from the air. The size of the dust collector is designed depending on the air volume required and the surface area of filtration media being used.

Filter press cloth is used in all de-watering applications to remove liquid material from solid material separate the two states into liquid and solid forms.

We provide bespoke solutions depending on your on site characteristics and with our 25 years of Engineering such systems you can be carefree about the solution as we ensure all basics are covered during design , engineering and erection phase.

Non-pleated filter bag


ClipOn branded filter bags come in a wide variety of fabrics, finishes, styles and sizes; both in standard and pleated form.

Filter bag cage


Baghouses are used to support the filter bags and hold the filter bags in place to maximize dust extraction efficiency.

Filter press cloth


The filter press cloth is a form of filter media used to filter particles from water which is forced through an extraction system; leaving behind it a filter cake and separated water.

Cartridge Filter


ClipOn Filter offers customized solutions for air and dust filtration.

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