image of modular conveyor belt

Modular Conveyor Belts – Everything You Need to Know

What are Modular Conveyor Belts? Modular conveyor belts are a belting solution that is used in applications and industries where curves are needed wit

Filter press cloth

Filter Press Cloth – Everything You Need to Know

What is a Filter Press Cloth? A filter press cloth is a type of material used in the process of dewatering applications.  The process of dewateri

Bag Filters

A Complete Guide to Bag Filters and Air Filtration

What are Bag Filters? A bag filter, is a form of air filtration media used within manufacturing units. The purpose bag filters, as with any filter, is

Image of rotary moulder belt 'shaping' dough from dough in biscuit production.

Rotary Moulder Belts – Everything You Need to Know

What are Rotary Moulder Belts? Rotary moulder belts are a type of woven conveyor belt, predominantly made from cotton weave, that is used in the proce


5 Key Facts About Cotton Conveyor Belting

What’s a Cotton Conveyor Belt? Cotton conveyor belting, is a type of endless seam, and solid woven belting used across an array of industries.&n

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