We are here to take care of your problems with the optimal Environmental & Energy-Efficient Solution. We manufacture Conveyor fabrics which could be customized as per your needs, help you generate clean energy and take care of your wet waste problems. Our team-members have been specializing their skills for over 20 years so we can give you a proper solution. Our strong dealer-distributor network help us reach you wherever you and provide you a swift after-sales service which is our top priority.


To provide you a better service not only until the Sale but after that. Most neglect but our global presence & recognition highlight this quality.


We are not perfect but we strive to be. This is our vision and it is who we are. We are not flamboyant but necessary honest.


Corkish & Layne solar power solutions provide the most efficient solar solution optimizing your energy saving mechanism. With our Global Channel partners around the world we provide the most modern solutions where generation from  your solar plant is optimized. We provide complete turnkey solutions including all the liasoning work so you don not have to worry ever about your power generation.  We provide solar power plants, roof-top solutions, solar-pumps, solar street-lights etc. to name a few



With respect to our Bio-Composting solutions we convert your wet waste into not only pure organic fertilizer but also into grey water depending on your requirements. Our offered solutions are installed all around the world maintaining the green health of our planet and ensuring proper channeling of food waste. The machines could be installed on-site and guarantees odour free, germ free mechanism to ensure the smooth running of your facility.  Machines from 25kg per day to 5MT can be customized


Conveyor Fabrics

Specialized fabrics are woven in our facility. Our team can weave any fabric based on your requirement and all our material is checked as per quality & control prior to dispatch.